Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Rescue of the Ducklings!

One of ASR's regular activities is to go on "Southern Patrols"  where we visit a number of locations between Shellharbour and Georges Bay. This is to check on the health of the birds and catch any problems if we see them. On our March patrol we had a surprise rescue at Greenwell Point. People swimming in the public pool called us over and asked if we could help. Six tiny ducklings were trapped in the pool. They were too young to fly and the water level was too low for them to scramble out. Mr and Mrs Duck were very distressed and attacking anyone who tried to come near their babies. Out came the long handled net, and with the assistance of the kids in the pool, the ducklings were herded into the net. They were released back to mum and dad who with much quacking, took off with their brood as fast as they could waddle!

1 comment:

  1. mother duck said quack quack quack quack and all of the five little ducks came back (well....six in this story)