Sunday, 16 October 2016


A distressed call came in from a member of the public about a Royal Spoonbill caught in the reeds.  It seemed to have an injured leg.
On locating the bird and seeing the horrific injuries, Julie asked the woman to look away.

This poor juvenile Spoonbill had been attacked by a person or persons or worse still youths.  Its legs had been struck across the ‘knees’ with such force that both legs had been smashed with bones protruding and it was left to die in agony, bleeding.

These majestic, unassuming birds spend their time quietly foraging along the shoreline for shrimps and molluscs, etc.  This juvenile was probably ‘learning the ropes’ when he was attacked by one or more monsters, having no reason to fear humans, not knowing that some low life would hurt him.
But – is this what we are becoming – uncaring, cruel monsters.
Needless to say the poor thing was immediately euthanised and I apologise to Julie that she had to witness this cruelty.  If anyone has any information please contact ASR.

Spoonbill with broken legs

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