Sunday, 19 February 2012

Are there sharks in the Georges River?

This pelican caught in the Georges River had a hook under her eye attached to 2 hooks on her wing. She is now recovering  in care.

Australian Seabird Rescue of Number 749 begs the question - " Are there sharks in the Georges River?" -  of course there are - but I didn't tell Leonie until after her big effort of jumping out of a boat to try to catch this bird. Even a junior surf ski that she had borrowed couldn't beat the thick slushy mud and mangrove roots. This poor bird couldn't fly as she had a hook in her bill just under her eye attached by fishing line to 2 large hooks in her wing -  but boy could she still swim fast! She would've died of starvation and infection but for the resident who took Leonie out in his boat. After Leonie exhausted herself I went out with him for one last go and was lucky enough to grab the pelican and get her in the boat. But it was necessary to get her to head for deeper water first which of course she didn't want to because of her injuries.
Anyway a great big thank you to resident Lyn's husband for the use of his boat and this young bird is now in care and on the road to recovery.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Two pelicans tied together at Koona Bay!

These 2 pelicans had been tied together with fishing line!

Friday 20th January - an early morning call from a fellow doing a seagrass survey reported 2 pelicans caught together with fishing line. He and his mate had caught the birds, cut the line but after letting them go realised the birds had broken wings. He told me he was in Haywards Bay so off I went on my own as I couldn't find a Australian Seabird Rescue team member to help me immediately. After getting lost in Haywards Bay ( a new suburb) trying to get to the water, I bailed up a fellow and his wife out walking. Keith was his name so I "kidnapped" him to show me how, to get down to the water - thanks to his understanding wife.  After going across a couple of paddocks, there was no sign of the fellas. I gave the phone to Keith to try to locate them. It turned out they were actually in the next bay - Koona Bay. So off we went again. By the time we arrived by road they had re-caught one pelican so in the back seat of the truck he went while they went out in their rubber duck to find the pelican. He was soon brought to shore so into the back seat also. Then back to Haywards Bay to return Keith to his wife before I went off to Wollongong with my 2 feathered passengers to the vet. Both these boys escaped actual breaks and after a thorough check by our valued vet are now in care to mend their bruises and get some TLC (even though they made a mess of the back seat!). The full waiting room of clients at the vet thought it was quite comical - 2 pelicans standing up in the backseat.
Anyways - a great big than you to Keith of Haywards Bay for helping me find my way and also to Nick and his mate in their rubber duck.
Finally thanks to Julia who helped me with the birds after the vet.
These very handsome boys will be back in the wild in about a week

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Early morning at Kanahooka!

The early bird might get the worm but this poor handsome boy couldn't! With a piece of cotton thread wrapped firmly around his beak he could neither feed or preen so was quite weak and waterlogged. But after a bit of "fancy" footwork in the muddy shallows by Leonie he is now safely in care and after a bit of R & R and a good feed he will be released back in his own stamping grounds. Thanks to the member of the public, Chris, who spotted him, this lucky bird should have many more happy days fishing.