Sunday, 30 December 2012


Well this is the reality of what fishing line can do!
This poor pelican has lost his life due to careless fishing practices - the foot has been taken over by gangrene and was attacking his muscles further up his leg also creating blood poisoning. Euthanasia the only answer!
Please if you do get tangled up with a bird - tell someone - anyone! There is a wide network of voluntary animal rescue groups out there so the word would very quickly get to the appropriate group who could then respond and help the poor thing. A little more caring from everyone would avoid this sort of thing. If he hadn't been caught this bird would have died a slow horrific death. 


Good Morning

Ah! What better way to spend the early morning than to go for a kayak ride with my friends from Australian Seabird Rescue. Here I am with my mate Leonie. 

Actually I was a very lucky girl as I was feeling quite sick that day and got picked up. After a week in intensive care I am happily back with my pelican mates. I was one of 14 sick birds last month but thanks to the care of nurse Betty only 3 very sick birds didn't make it. Goes to show if we are picked up in time we have approx a 95% success rate. So please keep an eye out for us.

Thank you
signed Bird Number 843