Sunday, 29 January 2012

Port Kembla SLSC members help rescue a pelican in the surf

We thought our swan was a nice Christmas Day story but this Boxing Day event tops that (although all successful rescues score an impressive 10/10).
An afternoon call to Australian Seabird Rescue, about a pelican on the rocks not looking too good at Port Kembla beach demanded attention, so off we went. But on our arrival this very bedraggled young pelican had got in the surf and was drifting out to sea. We all know our lifesavers are heroes and they certainly proved that on this day. Port Kembla SLSC has always alerted us to birds in trouble including seagulls and didn't hesitate to help us rescue this wayward young bird. Very waterlogged and confused this young lady, between 4-6 months old, was brought into care and after a big feed and rest was on her way to a life of adventure and hopefully to have her own babies one day. Without the help of Melanie, Jake and Tynella she most certainly would have drowned as being waterlogged she couldn't fly and would've drifted out on the ocean until....?
Thanks to Australian Seabird Rescue team member Leonie who doesn't hesitate to dive in to save a bird. An extra big thank you to Port Kembla SLSC.

Port Kembla Lifesavers Melanie, Jake & Tynella help Leonie rescue a pelican from the surf.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Swan has ride in a hovercraft!

John and Leonie with the swan ready to go for a ride in the hovercraft!

Leonie with the swan ready for release after some TLC

This beautiful swan has John to thank for his rescue. John is a valued member of our Australian Seabird Rescue team as he covers areas of Lake Illawarra in his hovercraft that are inaccessible to other vessels. So a quick phone call to base from John got fellow member Kay organised to go with him to rescue the swan.
Other team members were already in another area responding to a pelican with the all too familiar fishing line problem.
The swan was picked up and brought into care and after a complete check over, some TLC, good food and R&R he was happily released on Christmas eve by John and Leonie, back in the same area where another swan was patiently waiting for his return - presumably his mate. A good result and nice Christmas story.
We are very lucky to have other members with hovercraft also who are always willing to help at the drop of a hat. Thanks fellas.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wollongong Rise and Shine award

All of us at Australia Seabird Rescue pride ourselves on being active in the community as well as on our patrols and rescues.
Every year Wollongong Council organises a major clean-up around the lake shore and the foreshore parks. This is called "Rise and Shine" and ASR is always in the frontline with gloves and hats to do our fair share.
This is just an 'add on' event as we have our own regular clean-ups around the boat ramps and surrounding areas giving us a good opportunity to talk to the local fisher folk.
So here are some of the girls at the Rise and Shine awards receiving a certificate of appreciation along with a very much appreciated $100 donation from the Wollongong Council.

Kirsten, Betty & Leonie receiving a Rise and Shine award from Wollongong's Lord Mayor.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Capture of a duck at Figtree with a hook and line trailing from the corner of his mouth

Well well now -
What would these two Australian Seabird Rescue girls, Kathryn & Leonie, be doing in the bushes? Trying to attract a duck of course! - As you do!
Responding to a call for help from a fellow rescue group to help catch the duck and as we are always keen to help where we can, off we went.
The girls got themselves in the bushes and made silly duck noises for over half an hour, with bits of bread to attract this "Big Boy" over. He had a hook with trailing line in the corner of his mouth. The line also had weed caught on it causing him distress. One has to wonder how this happened in a secluded creek in Figtree, but anyway as you can see from the photo he was caught and attended to. All in the line of duty girls - well done!
Thanks also to the family who helped with the ducks capture.

Kathryn & Leonie making duck noises in the bushes!

Duck with hook & line in corner of mouth

Rescue in Greenwell Point

A late afternoon call saw us off down the coast to Greenwell point south of Nowra after a sick pelican.
Being wild birds they will always use whatever strength they have left to escape - so in with the kayak and our member Kirsten off after the pelican. After a lot of paddling and at one point leaving the kayak and swimming halfway across the channel regardless of her own safety, Kirsten managed to round the pelican up and bring her to shore. She has a large wound on her neck where someone has obviously hooked her and just ripped it out. Now being infected this has travelled through her precious body and made her very ill. She is now in care and with a lot of TLC she will be able to return to the wild, hopefully.
A mighty effort from Kristen - her first time in the kayak - this little pelican owes her life to her. A bit embarrassing for Kirsten though as we had to get petrol on the way home and Kirsten had discarded her shorts for this very elegant towel sarong - not a good look for the party she was now late for! Thank you Kirsten, Number 729 is very grateful I'm sure and also thank you to Kirsten for the donation of a tank of fuel.
A big thank you also to Gordon who rang in about this little pelican - we rely on the public spotting any of our precious sea & shore birds in trouble. Also thanks to a young man Kyle who helped us at Greenwell Point.

Kirsten in her elegant sarong!