Sunday, 13 November 2011

Rescue of Numbers 716 & 717

With many thanks to Jean - a resident at Jetty's Van Park on Lake Illawarra who keeps an "eye out" for pelicans on that section of the lake - this little girl is now in care.

Pelican enjoying a ride in the kayak with Leonie!

Leonie's skills on the Australian Seabird Rescue Kayak managed to bring her into shore (after I had dragged Leonie out of Line dancing class!). This was the 2nd rescue for Leonie on the same day using the kayak. The other pelican has an eye injury so after a trip to the vet, she is now on the road to recovery.
Unfortunately we don't have many volunteers available on weekdays - it's lucky Leonie is fit! A big thank you to Sam for offering to use his hovercraft. These craft are invaluable to us for there are many places on the lake we are unable to get access to otherwise. 
Thanks to all our hovercraft boys.

The Georges River Estuary Open Day on 29/10/11

Australian Seabird Rescue were invited to attend the Georges River Open day along with the Community River Health Monitoring Program, Fishcare Volunteers, Marine Rescue N.S.W., Botany Bay Water Quality Improvement Program, St George Motor Boat Fishing Club, Georges River Environmental Education Centre, SeaNet/Ocean Watch, Australian Wildlife Display.
This was the inaugural meeting of such groups to encourage public awareness of who looks after our precious waterways.
It was a great public relations day, as some people were not aware of our group, and of course where there are fishermen there are birds. We have been called to the club on a few occasions for rescues, so we now have more people on the lookout for injured pelicans for us.

St Georges River Open day 2011

Some of the beautiful items Australian Seabird Rescue sell at their stalls.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

It's pretty bad when our beloved pelicans have to clean up after us!

Here's one for Clean-up Australia Day...
It's pretty bad when our beloved pelicans have to clean up after us! Betty does a patrol every morning along the lake front and 6 out of 7 days there's rubbish to be picked up despite the ample bins on site. On this particular day the birds were hanging around watching Betty when this young male decided he better help so picked up a plastic bottle and brought it over to Betty. They really are magnificent birds and deserve every bit of help the volunteers of Australian Seabird Rescue can give them.

Pelican helping to clean up our rubbish!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Successful rescue of pelican 714

On October 31st the rescue of pelican number 714 was carried out very successfully.
Whilst walking her dog at Hooka Point Betty spotted a sick bird at the lake edge. She quickly took her dog home and jumped on the phone to Leonie (the closest Australian Seabird Rescue volunteer). They loaded up the kayak incase the bird went into deeper water when they went back to rescue her.
Fortunately they didn't need the kayak and picked the bird up without much fuss. She was quickly identified as one of the "Old" Berkeley girls  - she couldn't fly but still has a bit of strength so hopefully with a lot of TLC she will be back out where she belongs in the wild. Thanks Leonie and Betty.

Pelican 714 recovering in Betty's laundry.